Is there an upside to a Pandemic?

Helen Butler & Leonie Green team up again to tackle 2020 with a clearer perception on things and have takes from living at opposite ends of the Country, and talk about our different experiences of 2020.

Our discussion works its way through some poignant issues that we unpack:

  • What will flexibility look like following a Pandemic?
  • Did we create flexibility in the lack of flexibility?
  • Home is typically a safe and harmonious space for you – how do you see it now post Pandemic?
  • What does working from home look like now?
  • Horses for courses now – each individual needs to be met where they are at – are you prepared for this as an Employer & HR Manager?
  • Empathy & listening – putting your 3rd ear on for mental health wellbeing of your community
  • Males & flexibility – will they finally smash their glass ceiling on flexibility and be able to embrace a more balanced lifestyle?

Join us as we chat through a myriad of issues and tumble through our take on 2020.

And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance, and don’t forget the wonderful people at Beyond Blue & LifeLine for counselling support and assistance.

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Helen Butler, Alison Baker & Leonie Green | Helping Businesses navigate COVID-19

Helen Butler is joined by Alison Baker, Employment Law Partner @ Hall & Wilcox and Leonie Green, Business & HR Strategist @ Corvus Group to help Businesses navigate COVID19.

We discuss Business concerns, and listen to practical and pragmatic advice from experts in the field.  We also talk about working and learning from home – managing work, life, kids and how finely balanced we have all become with this enforced flexibility.

Alison Baker | Employment Law Partner | Hall & Wilcox  |   E

Leonie Green | Business & HR Strategist  |  Corvus Group |   E

Helen Butler | HR Business Partner | Inspired People | E

Enforce Flexibility & Are you OK?

Helen Butler is joined by Leonie Green on “enforced flexibility” and it’s OK not to be OK.  We are all having a response to CVOID-19, and it’s important to roll with it, process it and we give you a few tips on how to manage your emotions and thoughts during this time.


Brene Brown PodCast: Unlocking Us. PodCast on Comparative Suffering

Making Sense by Sam Harris.  PodCast on Mindfulness, Meditation and overcoming negative thoughts.

HBR Article “That discomfort your feeling is Grief”

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Helen Butler & Angela Olanda chat on HR issues during the CVOID-19

Answers to the Qs you’re asking us.

Helen Butler of Inspired People Solutions is joined by Angela Olanda as we talk about some of the Questions you’ve been asking us since CVOID-19 Pandemic hit our workplaces.

We cover issues like:

– theft (yes, of hand sanitizer)

– code of conduct breaches

– how to deal with sick employees

– how to help employees work from home

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Helen Butler talks with Sharna & Ilona of shilopeople


In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we talk with experienced HR Professionals Sharna Peters and Ilona Charles from shilopeople who chat with us and provide us with insights on how to deal with the reactive nature of HR in a Pandemic but also how to manage and navigate the waters of what’s next ….

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Belated International Women’s Day

We’re back in 2019 with a catch up on flexibility in our lives, our community and the general consensus across Australia on a whole range of issues to do with flexibility – family, lifestyle, wage disparity, women in politics and our politics/leaders generally.

Apologies for the audio quality from Helen’s end – persist because we have some great discussions around flexibility and what it looks like into this year!

Vanessa Rawson: Her Tree Change Journey

Trev and Vanessa 2

Helen had the pleasure of catching up with an old HR Pal, Vanessa Rawson.  Vanessa’s journey is wonderful, courageous, adventurous and altogether designed to give other people courage to follow their dreams.

Helen & Vanessa’s paths originally crossed some 10 years ago in the world of HR and since then, have both embarked on a journey to find their right “spot” in the world.  A journey that has taken some years and still continues, Vanessa provides us with the story to date on her journey from HR as a profession, from City Chic to breaking into the regional living and diversifying your professional skill-set, with a lovely bloke Trev and the gorgeous Maggie, their beloved dog in tow.

Vanessa’s journey is inspiring, thoughtful, and should give us all courage that we can follow our dreams, slowly and surely chip away at creating a life that we can thoroughly enjoy and break any pre-concieved ideas of life and the rat race we might have held onto.  Forget the status quo – go and pursue your dreams and you can do it, one day at a time.  There’s no right journey or path for anyone, it does take work, dedication, getting outside your comfort zone and nothing is perfect, but one step at a time, one day at a time, you can pursue a life, a career, a tree change and make your dreams come true.

Vanessa is the proud Owner, Entrepreneur, CEO of Spark Rural ( and has recently been featured in her first publication for Domain:

We thank Vanessa for her honesty, candour and above all courage to give us a warts and all interview on her tree change, with her beloved Trev & Maggie by her side.

We hope you enjoy this very special Podcast and find courage to follow your dreams too.

Peak performance on and off the field.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 4: during the 2015 AFL round 14 match between the Western Bulldogs and the Carlton Blues at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Australia on July 4, 2015. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/AFL Media)

Honest to goodness, this interview had me go out for a run (okay, well a fast walk) that afternoon! Tim is a full time HR Business Partner with Mercer and is also an AFL boundary umpire. Flexibility and fitness make it possible for Tim to manage this work-life integration – it also requires adaptability on a weekly basis, time management to the max, and lots of scalable trial and error along the way in the quest for win-win flexibility. I thoroughly enjoyed chewing the fat on flexibility with Tim and loved the insights and considerations on flexibility from both an employee and employer perspective. I also loved the reminders about how we look after our wellbeing – including the importance of rest and regular exercise! Join us for a conversation on the flexibility and fitness required to manage these sometimes-competing commitments and more importantly enjoy them!

And (in other news) here is the story referred to by LG in this podcast:

Jacqui Davis – the other side of a career break



The fabulous Jacqui Davis joins us over a Friday coffee and vegemite toast from our beloved local café (@themabel) to talk all things flexibility – and in particular what it takes to leap off the corporate ladder into the unknown of a much needed career break and life-adjustment, and then the leap back into the world of paid employment in a dream role that meets her current needs from a work-and-life-juggle perspective.  Jacqui reflects on her journey and inspires us to think about our how we too can adjust along the way to better meet our needs – life is a journey after all, not a destination.  And good coffee always makes the journey more enjoyable 😉

Kim Grady updates us on Gourmet Roaming


We welcome back Kim Grady to our PodCast as she updates us on all things Gourmet Roaming, and what has bought her back home, the dangers of hiking, and falling, and seriously hurting yourself, and being carried down a Mountain by some amazing strangers, meeting McDreamy and his gorgeous girlfriend, the kindness of strangers and the path of what’s next ….. it was and is, always a pleasure to Chew the Fat with the effervescently positive Kim Grady.  Follow her adventures @GourmetRoaming and we hope you enjoy this chat.