Helen Butler

Helen Butler


Helen Butler has built a solid reputation over the last 12 years working across all industries providing pragmatic HR advice on a range of people related issues.  Helen’s expertise lies in her ability to understand commercial business requirements, manage risk and optimise business solutions from a HR perspective.

Helen thoroughly enjoys working with business’ to achieve best practice from a HR perspective, understands commercial realities, the need to be agile and provide structures to innovative business solutions to suit client and employee requirements. She also partners with employees to manage their careers over their personal and professional journey, and enjoys working with people to find the right fit for their next role and career progression.  Helen is unique in that she partners so well with people and organisations to find the right fit for everyone.  Check out what people say about Helen here.

Helen has launched as part of Inspired People SolutionsFlexConnect, a business which is aligning with organisations to equip them and their Managers to empower and facilitate flexibility in the workforce.  If you would like to be part of our growing Community at FlexConnect we would love to work with you to achieve successful flexibility practices in your workplace.


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