Leonie Green



I am an ex-employment lawyer and IR/HR professional who is ridiculously passionate about workplaces and the laws that impact how they operate in relation to their people.  There is a reason why I named my consulting firm Conscious Workplace – conscious being the key word. Conscious to me really means being clear on what is going on in the moment.  For organisations, we are at a critical point in time where we need to be so very clear on how we get the best out of our people without in anyway causing harm to their wellbeing.  Not doing so costs us money – in downtime, lost productivity, staff turnover and workers comp claims.  Doing so, getting clear, and acting, consciously in response to data and clarity, means we go forward and we lift the potential of our organisations dramatically.

I want my daughter to grow up in a world where she has access to all the flexibility she needs – whether it is to study, to be a parent, to stand for Parliament, to kick career goals, to cli
mb Mt Everest, to dance or all of the above. I see organisations struggling with the concept of flexibility – more often than not this is because of other factors in their workplace such as lack of clarity on accountabilities, or lack of accountability in general – what I have seen consistently is that when you fix the accountability piece, the flexibility piece can be come a no brainer.

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