Vanessa Rawson: Her Tree Change Journey

Trev and Vanessa 2

Helen had the pleasure of catching up with an old HR Pal, Vanessa Rawson.  Vanessa’s journey is wonderful, courageous, adventurous and altogether designed to give other people courage to follow their dreams.

Helen & Vanessa’s paths originally crossed some 10 years ago in the world of HR and since then, have both embarked on a journey to find their right “spot” in the world.  A journey that has taken some years and still continues, Vanessa provides us with the story to date on her journey from HR as a profession, from City Chic to breaking into the regional living and diversifying your professional skill-set, with a lovely bloke Trev and the gorgeous Maggie, their beloved dog in tow.

Vanessa’s journey is inspiring, thoughtful, and should give us all courage that we can follow our dreams, slowly and surely chip away at creating a life that we can thoroughly enjoy and break any pre-concieved ideas of life and the rat race we might have held onto.  Forget the status quo – go and pursue your dreams and you can do it, one day at a time.  There’s no right journey or path for anyone, it does take work, dedication, getting outside your comfort zone and nothing is perfect, but one step at a time, one day at a time, you can pursue a life, a career, a tree change and make your dreams come true.

Vanessa is the proud Owner, Entrepreneur, CEO of Spark Rural ( and has recently been featured in her first publication for Domain:

We thank Vanessa for her honesty, candour and above all courage to give us a warts and all interview on her tree change, with her beloved Trev & Maggie by her side.

We hope you enjoy this very special Podcast and find courage to follow your dreams too.

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