Is there an upside to a Pandemic?

Helen Butler & Leonie Green team up again to tackle 2020 with a clearer perception on things and have takes from living at opposite ends of the Country, and talk about our different experiences of 2020.

Our discussion works its way through some poignant issues that we unpack:

  • What will flexibility look like following a Pandemic?
  • Did we create flexibility in the lack of flexibility?
  • Home is typically a safe and harmonious space for you – how do you see it now post Pandemic?
  • What does working from home look like now?
  • Horses for courses now – each individual needs to be met where they are at – are you prepared for this as an Employer & HR Manager?
  • Empathy & listening – putting your 3rd ear on for mental health wellbeing of your community
  • Males & flexibility – will they finally smash their glass ceiling on flexibility and be able to embrace a more balanced lifestyle?

Join us as we chat through a myriad of issues and tumble through our take on 2020.

And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance, and don’t forget the wonderful people at Beyond Blue & LifeLine for counselling support and assistance.

Helen Butler                                                                Leonie Green                                           

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