Adele & Tash: The CEO & HR Manager who make flexibility work!

This PodCast was such a delight to be a part of and we could have kept chatting for hours (hmm, yes okay we like to chew the fat).  We were so grateful to have Natasha Besliev, CEO of Bonnier Publishing Australia, and Adele Coultas, HR Manager of Bonnier Publishing Australia.

Their stories of flexible work, the dreaded term “work life balance” and how they’ve implemented a cultural change from presenteeism/standard office hours, to output driven is one that is inspiring.  These ladies just clicked when they first met, are both career women, mums, professionals who put their heart and soul it seems into everything they do.

This is a realistic look at teamwork, and an honest, pragmatic and true account of how to get flexibility right in the workplace.  It hasn’t been without hiccups, or opponents but it is being adopted very well.  This Podcast will give you a feel for what an interesting and successful company these two amazing woman are enjoying being apart of.

We find these ladies inspiring, thoughtful, considerate in their approach to people and delivering business outcomes with sensitivity, precision and care.  A huge Thank You to Tash and Adele for your valuable time.  Enjoy!

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