Want to attract more women to your workforce? Read this …….


ABS has done a major recruitment drive during 2015 and made some major inroads in increasing gender diversity.


43% of women are in senior executive roles as compared to 21% in 2014.

How did they do it?

A few things.  First, they introduced new recruitment measures – removing names and genders from CVs. The other thing they did, They asked women what they wanted.

Imagine that!

They started designing jobs that met the needs of employees: with flexibility, work from home options, and the ability to work from another office. Hiring staff were directed not to make assumptions about what women want and to encourage women to apply.

Looking to hire women? OR, looking to increase flexibility requirements in your workplace?

A few tips:

  • Cut the assumptions.
  • Ask female AND male candidates about their ideal working scenario.
  • Make the shortlist ‘blind’
  • Address language on the job description
  • Take a good, hard look at your company website.
  • Create a gender-balanced interviewing panel.
  • Introduce a formal mentoring scheme.
  • Show you’re committed to hiring women by offering great entitlements.

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Family Ties – Green Eggs & Chipps

We are absolutely delighted to be able to bring you the two amazing men in our life – Garth, Helen’s Husband and Tim, Leonie’s Husband.

We thought it would be great for you to hear about their experiences of flexibility, as you would have gathered from the journey so far, we love our blokes, maybe have given them a swot (in Helen’s case) or two, or (in Leonie’s case) we’ve heard how amazing her life is (dymo labelled tupperware in her pantry etc etc).

What did we get out of this – our blokes are fabulous, but have an interesting take on flexibility, their personal and professional experiences.  Both our families didn’t keep up with man as the main breadwinner constantly, we flip flopped, took breaks, took turns, consulted and had a right royal time lolling through work and life and family. 

We were delighted to be introduced by the delectably gorgeous Eleanor Green who made a special guest appearance, twice …..

Over vino and thai, we chew the fat, literally, on how different couples journey through the tumultuous world of family, work, relationships and maintain some level of sanity.

We hope you enjoy and say Thank You to our adorable blokes, who give so much to us and love us, faults and all.  Enough gushing now, press play!

Annabel Crabb, E-Men & Me

Blokes & Flexibility – a 12 month journey

Helen is flying solo for this one and had the pleasure of attending the WGEA’s event on Equilibrium Challenge which followed 5 men for 12 months who chose flexibility at work, in different shapes and forms, and for different reasons.

The always delightful Annabel Crabb hosted the conversation, and besides being overwhelmed by her genuineness and charming self, Helen completely fell in love with her shoes! Foxy Lady is all we’ll say! 🙂

We’ve whipped up a short PodCast for you on their views, what flex is for them and the conversation that took place around that. It’s encouraging that there is a dialogue around flexibility for men as well as women. Check out their website at www.equilibriumchallenge.com.au.  Enjoy!

The Dynamic Duo

The divine and effervescent and absolutely fabulous Dynamic Duo who are “Coaching for Mums” Nina Marshall & Vanessa Potts joined us for a vino and cheese to discuss all things flexibility.

Nina & Vanessa have a fantastic story to tell, from Global Corporate High Flyers to travelling the world (several times), career breaks, becoming a family, returning to work and then becoming Business Owners.  Their stories are amazing, thoughtful, inspiring and altogether fun, but there’s no denying these ladies are smart, hard working and committed to enjoying life as best they can.  We loved it!

These women are fabulous and we are truly honoured to have them along to share their thoughts, journey, flexibility paths and now, how they are helping Mums get back into the workforce.

The Monks’ Word ….

The delightful, talented, clever Andy Monk joins us to discuss his views on flexibility.

WARNING: He has an infectious laugh, with gorgeous dimples (seems to be a Monk Family thing) a brain that is amazing and a down to earth good bloke persona.  He’s clever, manages several business, is the Chair of Australian Organic, an Adjunct Associate Professor, has two gorgeous kids who he is the primary carer for, what can we say, he’s an all around good guy!

This episode is punctuated by no vino sadly, but we gladly scoffed cups of tea, apple slice, custard tarts, lamingtons, cheese and crackers – an interesting combination!

His views are refreshing, we talk about how to challenge the work status quo, blokes crashing the morning coffee after the school drop-off, the importance of networking, the mindset of flexibility and who are the hardest, most productive and effective employees?

Shake your Bon Bon

The delightful and talented Harry & Sally Bonning join us in this edition of Chewing the Fat on Flexibility to discuss their take on flexibility in life.  Harry & Sally are a dynamic duo – successful professionals who’ve travelled the world for work and pleasure, now have two gorgeous children, a raging social life but also a love of everything they do.

We were envious to know how they did it – and they told us!  Sally shared alot of tips and tricks that helped her with balancing her work and children, and Harry was a superb act in linking up how technology can assist with improving flexibility, for everyone.

We hope you enjoy shaking the Bon Bons as much as we did, the background noise is there a wee bit, but persevere, the message that the Bonnings give us is a joy! Enjoy!

Congratulations Kate Jenkins!

Kate Jenkins was announced as our new Sex Discrimination Commissioner by our Federal Minister for Women, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash.

Kate was the lead partner with Herbert Smith Freehills, specialising in equal opportunity practice for ten years, has been the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner since 2013.

Kate was pivotal in championing the Victorian Champions of Change, following her predecessor, Elizabeth Broderick’s lead to encourage and support men actively participating in the fight for gender equality.

Ms Cash released this statement:

“Ms Jenkins has worked closely with a wide range of organisations, including the Victoria police, to address issues of entrenched discrimination and harassment,” they said. “She has also advanced gender equality in all areas of life with a particular focus on diversity in sport, through the Fair Go Sport and Play By the Rule campaigns.

We look forward to Ms Jenkins’ contribution to the work of the Australian Human Rights Commission where she will extend her productive relationships across the Australian government and the broader Australian community, building on the outstanding work of her predecessor.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Elizabeth Broderick in this recent role and Gillian Triggs who relieved in this post until a replacement for Ms Broderick was secured, are amazing talented women who are inspirational, professional, intelligent and encompass true class and have achieved amazing success and results in their postings!

We look forward to your journey Kate and wish you every success.

Our Legal Talent

Alison Baker is a partner in the Employment and Workplace Relations Team at Hall & Wilcox Lawyers.  We caught up with her over coffee and delicious cakes to talk all things flexibility and the law.  Alison also happens to be a mum of two and chats with us about her own journey of managing maternity leave and working flexibly as a partner in a law firm.

We hope you enjoy the chat as much as we did … grab your own coffee and cake while you listen!

The Husbands

We are delighted to bring you the gorgeous Ric & Jac’s on this PodCast.  Helen met Ric at Uni, and Ric turned into being Helen’s saviour – he has some qualities that we admired: amazing composure, tact, empathy and business smarts, there was alot to like about this dedicated and smart HR Practitioner.

With friendship truly cemented we have had the pleasure of meeting Ric’s gorgeous Husband, Jac whom cemented their love affair with a blissful wedding in Paris.  It was wonderful to hear their views on flexibility in life, work and play!

We hope you enjoy.

My Work Wife

Jane & Jo have joined us for this special edition and talk about their work journey through working full-time, having a family, maternity leave, returning to work and finally their magnificent job-share arrangement.

It is a cracking interview of really inspiring and dedicated women who have carved a wonderful and rewarding path for themselves.  We recorded this lovely interview over a vino or two, please excuse the background noise.